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Become, this earthly plane

Photo by Luciana D’Anunciação of Kelly McInnes

A ritual of evolution and life cycles, Become, this earthly plane ponders where we come from and where we go. It revels in the wonder of how we create ourselves and are endlessly transforming. 

The work exists as a live performance as well as a dance film. The film has screened at Dancing on the Edge Festival in July 2021
& Festival of Recorded Movement (FORM) in September 2022.

Concept, Choreography & Performance: Kelly McInnes

Cinematography & Editing: Luciana D’Anunciação

Sound: Alex Mah

​Creative Support: Rianne Švelnis & Ziyian Kwan

​Production Support: Jackson Tegu

The creation of Become, this earthly plane has been made possible through the support of the BC Arts Council and Odd Meridian Art’s cultural space Morrow.