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Late Stage Remedy is a collective dance meditation practice happening twice a month on Saturdays from May to September at public parks in so-called Vancouver. Through an improvised score, a group of dancers offer grounding presence, attention & care to the lands they dance on together. An invitation to remember ourselves as a part of Earth and honor this vital, potent connection.

The practice is free to attend and open to folks with or without dance or meditation experience. You’re welcome to attend whenever you’re able to.

If you are interested to join, please email and Kelly will send you more details about the project.

“Through our connecting presence, holding space to commune with the earth and sky, we gave each other the freedom to just be, to linger in being rather than doing or thinking.”

“More than just guiding dance practice, Late Stage Remedy articulated a way to exist in this world in a good way – to listen to the Earth, to uplift community, and to embody deep care.”

“I always felt so much better after each session. Peaceful, relaxed, floating and connected to grace. Best gentle addressing of eco grief I have ever witnessed.”

– participant reflections